Founded in 2006, ‘Tarbut’ (‘culture’ in Hebrew) is a non-profit national movement of pioneering young artists who reside and work as Tarbut Communities (‘urban kibbutzim’) in weakened towns and cities throughout Israel.


Tarbut believes that the essence of the artistic process is to build upon and expand the reality of ‘what is’ into the realm of ‘what can be’.  Its mission is to use art and culture as a vehicle for self-empowerment and social change to reshape the future of Israel, promoting values of social solidarity, equality, democracy and tolerance.


Tarbut members live and work in communities all over Israel, creating and delivering innovative artistic, educational and cultural programs for disadvantaged populations across the spectrum of Israeli society. 


Tarbut’s community oriented programs and activities with children, youth and adults employ a wide range of artistic forms including theater, dance, music, film and the plastic arts.


Tarbut also devotes significant resources to educating and training its members, aiming to continuously improve their skillset and capacity.


Currently Tarbut touches the lives of over 10,000 children and youth at risk, as well as adults and seniors, with over 500 members living and serving as counselors in 20 different towns and cities from Bat Yam in the south to Afula, Nahariya and Tiberius in the north