LGBT+ Programs

Tarbut believes in promoting inclusivity and diversity, with the LGBTQ community in the periphery being part of its most innovative work. Tarbut artists have initiated LGBTQ cultural events in Afula, titled- Getout!. Every Get Out event features a cabaret performance including live music, drag, and poetry. In addition, Tarbut guides counsel LGBTQ youth groups in the periphery in weekly meetings, and organize monthly meetings of LGBTQ soldiers who discuss and learn about issues of gender and sexuality, visibility, and LGBT politics and history.

Artwork Shops

In order to promote art and culture in the social periphery, quality facilities are very needed. Our Artwork Shops provide an environment for many artists to practice their skills, to meet each other and to create avantgarde community artwork.

All-Women Cabaret

The fight with gender inequality, chauvinism and sexism has never been easy. We offer a unique answer - a Cabaret show made by women, for women. On the show we deal we subjects as female empowerment, body image and sisterhood.


"OHEL" Theatre

"OHEL" is a cooperative theatre made of members of TARBUT Movement. It wishes to set itself as the leading innovator in community and local art. "OHEL" offers a unique repertoire of shows and street performances for children, youth and adults.

Local Culture Festivals


We believe that culture is a right, not a privilege. Therefore, Every year TARBUT produces numerous culture festivals in the social periphery. for a few days, a town is colored in a colorful blast of artwork and music.

The Mobile Museum

The museum is a platform for a live and personal dialogue between the past, present and future of issues relating to Jewish, Zionist and Israeli identity.

Using different artistic mediums visitors go through an intellectual and emotional experience, which connects history to the 

pressing questions of our time.