Tarbut believes in the power of art and education to transform all 

communities into thriving centers of culture and civic engagement.


Together with our students, we’re building the country’s largest interdisciplinary movement of social change and community renewal in Israel through culture and the arts. 


Tarbut School for Art and Culture is there to provide them with the tools they need for this mission.


The Tarbut School for Art and Culture has successfully operated a post-secondary degree program since 2011, teaching artists, educators and cultural advocates how to use their creativity to renew all aspects of community life in Israel’s disadvantaged regions.


We are currently planning the construction of an educational campus. By establishing a physical space, The Tarbut School can build upon its proven model with an innovative mix of educational, artistic and commercial activity.


In the next phase of growth, The Tarbut School plans to evolve into a regional center in the field of culture and art in the community. With the physical campus, artistic and educational activity will be supported by commercial activities and spaces, ranging from a technology lab to a community theatre to a café.


The vision is to become a financially self-sustaining center that catalyzes cultural change in the immediate community and across Israel, supported by Tarbut’s growing national network of volunteers, artists and educators.