What Do You Mean - At-Risk?

"The Opportunity to Volunteer" is a cutting edge program for at-risk youth that enables them to enroll in a year of pre-army voluntary service in the community. The program addresses a vital need for low-income teenagers who want to give back to society, but don't have the economic backing from their families to do so.

Esti Taktakao, a volunteer in the program, said: "I met two students. Their school teachers said they could not have a Bagrut certificate (attests that a student has successfully passed Israel's high school matriculation examination). They were only in the 9th grade, but they were put in a classroom of students who are not going to be examined, who practically have no future. When I met them I instantly saw they were super smart! Now I work with them so they can move to another class. It is so bad when you don't expect the best out of students. If you give kids the right tools and believe in them they can accomplish anything!"

This month the groups of youth volunteers guide performed a full dance performance called "Knock-Out" in front of their community in Afula. It was smash!