Who Are We?

Young artists and educators from across Israel devoted to social change, community revival and the creation of local and original culture.



For reducing social gaps, renewel of local solidarity and making Israel a better place  one brushstroke at a time.


What Do We Do?
The young artists promote cultural "during-school" and "after-school" activities for youth, local art groups for adults and seniors and many other unique projects in the social and geographical periphery of Israel.

What's New

Afuliz – original art festival in Afula                  

9,000 participants came to Afula during the weekend for Tarbut's 6th annual 'Afuliz' music and art festival!

This unique festival is produced by the local artists' community - 50 local artists from Afula, guided by Tarbut artists.

Ten years ago, when a group of young artists from Tarbut Movement moved to Afula, people thought they were crazy. Who would’ve thought that art and culture in this small city would draw so many people for 3 days of theatre, dance, music and visual art? 

In Numbers
young artists
ages 18-34
members of the youth organization
across Israel