The youth and children’s organization of Tarbut Movement aims to provide fertile ground for artistic and cultural creativity amongst teenagers and children in the social and geographic periphery of the State of Israel, and provide equal opportunity to every young boy or girl in Israel to take active part in shaping cultural life in their communities, neighborhoods, cities and in the country as a whole.


Through creative art, teenagers and children deal with current affairs on the public agenda such as: 

poverty and social inequality, problems of Israeli democracy, exploitation and chauvinism, ethnic gaps, national gaps, the state of Zionism and the future of the State of Israel.


The youth organization was recognized in 2014 by the Israeli Ministry of Education, and this year we are undergoing a large expansion of the scope of our activities. Today there are 5,000 teenagers and 

children active in the organization in grades 4 -12, in 25 towns across Israel.

"SHNAT" (Year of Community Service)

Tarbut Shnat Sherut is a post high-school year of community service before army with continuous training and guidance by older Tarbut members.


Each year Tarbut enlists about 100 new members. These youth come from disadvantaged communities where Tarbut is present and active as well as from art high-schools in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other major more established areas of the country.


During the year, they counsel youth art groups, promote social activities at school and study the Israeli society.